Moderately Important Life Things of Moderate Importance That Have Occurred Recently

  • One of my three jobs offered to extend my contract through the end of the summer. Now, instead of being the odd girl out that is mistakenly called the intern, I’m still called the intern, but have absorbed more marketing duties.
  • Promptly after I accepted this offer, the marketing team fell apart. For real- two people (with actual marketing training) moved onto other positions, and the head is out for 2-4 weeks (at least!) on medical leave.
  • However, I quit 1/3 of my jobs, and now have weekends off this summer. Weekends off! On a continual basis! Oh the tattoos and baking! And marathoning the O.C and Breaking Bad with Rocio, while trying to work my way into her family so they adopt me and I can move to South America (or the Vatican) and never pay back my student loans!!
  • I am not an Avenger, and this is sad.
  • I have a list of summer goals! Including, but not limited to: making vegan borek, making pretzels, getting grad school apps together, taking the GRE, marathoning the O.C and Breaking Bad with Rocio, eating pretzels and drinking beer
  • I’ve been working on building a website for professional and artistic purposes. Or so I can say I have a website. Or so I have a new way to procrastinate. Have website building skills and skillz? Share them, please. It’ll be using Squarespace.
  • I realized today, while eating peanut butter at work, I really love peanut butter. But for real you guys. YOU GUYS. I could eat a jar of peanut butter a day. I would! I don’t know what’s stopping me. Challenge accepted.